These reprinted articles by BostonSolv principals and associates reflect on opportunities for alternative dispute resolution and prevention.

Construction Law: Reflections on the Massachusetts Prompt Pay Law

High-Profile Monthly, April 2011

A Dynamic Decade for the Construction Industry

High-Profile Monthly, November 2007

The Promise of Partnering

High-Profile Monthly, November 2002

Mediation and Arbitration: Choosing the Right Process

High-Profile Monthly, September 2002

Out of the Jungle: A Better Approach to Construction Industry Disputes

High-Profile Monthly, June 2002

Interview With Principals at BostonSolv

High-Profile Monthly, July/August 2001

Dispute Review Boards — Mistaken Identity

Grynbaum's Mediation Update, November 2000

1996 Code of Ethics for Dispute Review Board Members

Connecticut Engineer newsletter, August 5, 1998

The Mechanical Engineer Set-up

Connecticut Engineer newsletter, July 25, 1998

Leading When You Are Not in Charge

Connecticut Engineer newsletter, May 22, 1997

Unforeseen Consequences of the 'Partnering' Movement

Connecticut Engineernewsletter, May 8, 1997